Terms and Conditions


Please do not purchase online, to receive your member discounts please arrange orders via call, text message or email. To be considered a current client you must have booked, paid for and received an Equine sports therapy or other bodywork session, or any consultation within 6 calendar months of your purchase. These records will be checked on occasion and you may find your current client status has lapsed if it has been some time since your horses last session. This will result in all items being charged at full price, and pick up and drop off will no longer be available. You can at any time schedule and receive a further session for you horse and your status will be further updated to ensure you receive ongoing access to discounted pricing and the convenience and savings of drop off and pick up.


You can cancel or reschedule your appointment  up to 48 hours prior with no penalty.

Cancellations / rescheduling within 24 hours, or repeated cancellations and rescheduling within 48 hours of your session will result in a mandatory payment in advance of a  booking fee of $35 for all future sessions. This fee must be paid to ensure your booking is confirmed. Should you fail to pay the fee you should consider your appointment no longer available. 

Should you cancel or reschedule within 48 hours your booking fee will become non refundable.

It will then be required that you pay a further fee to maintain your rescheduled appointment.

Should you wish to book further appointments in future you will also be required to pay the booking fee before your appointment will be confirmed. 

Should you cancel or reschedule  an appointment prior to 48hours beforehand, any booking fees paid can be carried over for future use or will be refunded to you less a $5 administration fee. 

Should you fail to attend a scheduled appointment booking fees will apply as above for all future sessions.

Should you fail to attend 2 therapy sessions, any booking fees paid will become non refundable and our services will no longer be available to you. 

Please note that people who reschedule/cancel appointments repeatedly on short notice will also not be elligible for the shop discount or pick up and drop off service of purchases.


As the owner, you have a right to terminate the session at any time should you be concerned about the treatment provided, or the health or welfare of your horse, you will however forfeit any moneys prepaid for the service, and if unpaid, payment in full is still expected on the day. It is often the case that horses not used to body work, or in particular circumstances may require less intensive work or a shortened session, this will not change the cost of the session. 

One Horse 1 health endeavours to work only on horses that are happy and healthy. I will refer you to a vet or other relevant professional as required.  Your horse must not display any of the following concerns or it is likely that treatment may be refused.

  1. Non weight bearing lameness.
  2. A body condition score of less than 3 on the Henneke BCS scale.
  3. An increased heart rate or high temperature.
  4. Severe wounds
  5. Any contagious disease or condition such as ringworm or strangles
  6. Dehydration
  7. Pregnant mares unless treatment has been prescribed by your veterinarian in writing
  8. Any obvious issue that requires the attention of a relevant professional prior to any body work

Should treatment be refused a 50% session fee will still be required to be paid on the day of service.

One horse 1 Health utilises a variety of techniques within each session that may include Equine sports massage therapy, myofascial release, EMMETT techniques, UV and Red Light therapies (including the use of torches and pads), aromatherapy, tissue mobilisation, massage and stretching for which I am suitably qualified to practice as either a qualified therapist or student practitioner and for which I am suitably insured to perform. Should you wish to preclude your horse from any particular treatment it is important this is listed in your intake forms and that you draw it to the attention of your practitioner. 

It is also important that it is understood that One horse 1 Health cannot provide a definitive diagnoses and do not presume to take the place of a skilled veterinarian or other relevant professional. In the instance that your horse requires diagnoses prior to treatment you will be referred to the relevant professional and your session may be terminated immediately.