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Insect Repellent Spray

Brand: Cxevalo


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Highly effective protection from black flies, march flies, and other flies commonly found around horses, with the active ingredient lemon eucalypt. The gently cooling effect further adds to the horse’s wellbeing, especially in the warmer months. The emulsion means the repellent sticks well to the coat, doesn’t dry out the skin, and provides effective protection for up to 8 hours – even when the horse is exercising. Can be used for horse and rider. Suitable for competitions.

NOTE: This an entirely natural product, so we recommend you do not store it below room temperature as small crystals may start to form and block the spray nozzle. If this occurs, simply put the bottle in warm water until the spray is fully liquid again. Rinse the spray nozzle with warm water. The high quality of the product will not be compromised in this process.


Ingredients: plant based ingredients: Eucalyptus citriodora oil in high concentration (200g/L)


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