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Hoof Repair Pack

Brand: Donnybrook Equine


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Damage caused by various ailments can quickly result in further problems, if your horse has suffered from either Seedy Toe/ White Line, Thrush, Abscess, Punctures, Severe Cracking, Heel Cracking or Hoof Rot.

You may notice – Extremely dry hoof or exposed internal hoof, strong odour, flaky sole, further cracking or shelling.

Treatment includes making sure the hoof is balanced by a farrier/trimmer, have the infected area removed and opened up.

By using one or more products from the Hoof Repair Pack, you can assist in providing a protective layer to reduce further damage, stop debris entering crevices or large cracked areas, nourishing damages cells and moisturises deep into the hoof for suppleness.

Regular Pack: Hoof Wash 500ml, HoofStik 40g Crack Repair 500ml

Bonus Pack: Hoof Wash 500ml, 2 x Hoofstik, Crack Repair 1L


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