So i was recently lucky enough to attend the Horses Inside Out Australia Queensland “myofacial chains and release techniques”.

If you have not heard of horses inside out the take a moment to check out the website Here

Or facebook Here

It was hosted by Sabrina Stephens of Hands on Equine Massage Therapy at the beautiful Cedar Glen Farm Stay many thanks to sabrina for having us all overtake her home for 2 days.

It was organised by Jessica Blackwell of Equestricare in conjunction with the Equine Therapies Association of Australia and facilitated by Equissage Therapies Australia

What a great couple of days it was. Im so excitied to bring these amazing new techniques into my current sessions to continue to help horses. These texhniques i have found are particularly effective when working on highly strung, tense, nervous horses and sometimes the fidgety ones too.

There are lots of studies involving myofacial release and it has lots of known and im sure more than a few unknown benefits. If you would like to know more about how myofacial release can help your horses contact me now!



or you can call on 0468538300

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As always happy horsing!


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