What not to do with your horse and when not to do it!

Welcome to Tuesdays Tips, a place where we will talk about some of the terrible advice that is routinely given on social media and the internet. Unfortunately it has become all too easy for any old person to jump online and do some research, and perhaps even more unfortunate is the fact any old person can also post or publish said terrible advice.

Not all advice is created equal, some comes from years of education, and for others years of experience, and for some it is just something the lady up the road taught me 10 years or so ago. This means that for every good bit of advice floating around on the internet, there are just as many tidbits of bad information.

So how do you know what is good advice and what is not? Well…. thats where it gets a little tricky but perhaps the single easiest way is to establish if the person giving the advice is suitably qualified to do so. If your asking for veterinary advice, is it coming from a vet? If your asking for training advice is is it coming from a trainer?

But then there is grey area, what is a trainer? How many horses do you have to ride before you can call yourself that? Do you need to continue to do so, or do those horses you trained 20 years ago count? This is where your own intuition and common or perhaps better known ‘horse sense’ comes in.

It is a sad fact though, that many horse owners seem to lack any trace of horse sense, and these people are also those most likely to follow the advice of people who also have a distinct lack of this sense. It is also a fact that many new horse owners fall into the trap of taking on this advice that is perhaps better left unsaid.

The best way to avoid this is to give your Vet, dentist, chiro, physio, farrier, instructor, nutritionist, and any other equestrian professional in your life a good ear bashing as requied, so many horse owners are afraid to make full use of the professionals in their horse circle, instead asking facebook for advice re the follow up care for a horse thats previously been treated at great expense by a vet …go figure. You can contact these people by facebook, phone, email and often in person (usually while your paying for their time anyway). But for some strange and unknown reason us horse people dont like that idea. So this blog series will talk about some of the commonly asked questions, and dodgy responses given, in the hopes of helping people to recognise bad advice, provide some better alternatives and maybe give us all a few laughs along the way!

I’m hoping to post regular insights, advice, information, along with links to other resources for other professionals who have the knowledge and experience to help us all along in our horsey Adventures (whatever they may be).

Stay tuned for the first release in this series coming soon.

as always

Happy horseing!


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