So I recently discovered that one of my horses had some thrush in the frog. I though what better oppurtunity to test one of my own stocked products than this? So I dug through the stock room to find the Donnybrook Equine Hoof Wash. You can take a look at it in the store Here

Hoof Wash available in the store for just $16

I have included a before photo below, and you can clearly see the outer layer of the frog is easily lifted , And let me tell you the smell wasn’t all that great..

You can clearly see the frog coming away, you can see the characteristic white chalky substance…thrush

So here is a photo taken the very next day after a single application of hoof wash, whilst not much can be seen except on this hoof ive managed to remove the detached/excess frog, it definitely smelt better!

After a single use with excess frog removed

And here’s a photo after application for 7 days, the thrush seems to be under control and I’ve not had any recurrence of the beautiful smell that often occurs with thrush. Now it will just take some time for rejuvenation of the frog itself.

7 days later.

All the really bad portiin of the feog has been removed, and i think the thrush is definately dealt with in the other feint hoof. This hoof still has a small ammount within the deep central sulcus if the frog. This should bebeasier to deal with oncw the farrier has been and the has had a good trim. The farrier is booked for next week so onwards and upwards from here! Made much easier with the use of the Hoof Wash.

*****what I think overall of the product******Things i love about this product

  • Economical Price
  • Natural, no damage to good tissue and critical structures
  • Super easy to store and use, it doesnt get more convenient than a spray bottle

What i dont like about this product???

I cant really think of anything specific that is really negative abiut thia product.

I am aware that you can see a whole lot going on in these hooves. Believe it or not they were trimmed on friday the 6th of september, so are not as overdue and unloved as they look. What they are now is not near as rock hard and dry as they were which will hopefully facilitate a better trim next time.

About (taken from the Donnybrook Equine Website)

Natural hoof wash, used for flushing out debris from an infected or damaged hoof. If not removed, may encourage bacterial infections, such as seedy toe, thrush or abscess. Contains: Double strength apple cider vinegar and selected essential oils. In certain circumstances, best results are achieved when teamed with our Hoofstik and Crack Repair

How to use (taken from the Donnybrook equine website).

Clean out damaged area and spray wash into the cavity or crevices. Allow residue of wash to dry on the surface.  The residue contains natural ingredients that assist in conditioning the various layers of the hoof, allowing the cell structure to rejuvenate more quickly.  The wash is made from double fermented unpasturised ACV which is high in acetic and malic natural acids.  This base creates an environment that microbes do not like to live in.


  • With seedy toe infection, once the Hoof Wash has dried, apply a thin layer of Hoofstik to the cavity wall, then apply a thin layer of Crack Repair to the hoof surface. Repeat daily until symptoms subside.
  • With an abscess, after locating and draining the infection, use the Hoof Wash to flush out the cavity, thus leaving a layer of Hoof Wash residue, protecting the hoof.

If your looking for further information You can find the Donnybrook Equine website Here

Get your Hoof Wash

As always

Happy Horsing!

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