Support your local equestrian clubs, it’s important!

One Horse 1 Health has provided some prizes/vouchers for the upcoming Nambour PC Ghymkana. I feel that it is incredibly important to support our local equestrian community. Too many clubs and associations have disappeared over the years. They give our young riders and those returning to riding a way to get out and about and learn as they go.

Pony club in particular, aims to provide education and a non competitive atmosphere at musters and camps that facilitate the transition of our learner rider community to more competitive endeavors. Whether that be ghymkanas or the many and varied disciplines now available today.

If your a PC member, and looking for a local event, checkout the Nambour PC Ghymkana on 20 October. A great day out, whether you’re in it to go fast or just have fun it caters for everyone.

Feel free to let us know about your upcoming events so we can share those too! One Horse 1 Health is SE Qld based but our audience is AUS wide, so get on board and support your local club!

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