Hopefully on the 30th Nov and 1st Dec I will be spending two days learning the art of kinesiology taping for horses. I’m really excited to add this to my box of tricks for dealing with horses. There are still a couple of places available. So what are some of the benefits of taping?

“Targeted experiments and tests have shown that taping has a significant effect on the body, so that it can be used to support the primary therapy outstandingly well…..tapes can be applied to help pain relief, support healing processes and optimize movement….taping represents a perfect complement to manual therapies….taping can be applied not just to the manual, but also at the energetic, visceral, vascular and reflexive levels” ( Renate Ettl 2016 kinesiology taping for horses).

This is the ideal companion and recommended manual for this course.

Below are some words from the educator herself Robyn Larson-Shelton

“If you are a therapist then Vetkin Tape is going to help your business in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine. You will get faster results that last longer, your clients can learn to apply specific taping themselves, and the tape gets their horses noticed and people talking, leading more clients to your door. I am aware there are shorter taping clinics out there but I am not sure how much they can impart in one day. The Vetkin course is designed to leave you with confidence to apply the tape in all situations and to be able to explain to your clients how it works, the history behind the tape and the research. On the second day in the afternoon, we will apply taping as a group to a couple of horses, just as I would in my own practice. This is a powerful tool, if lused correctly, if used incorrectly it could be dangerous. As a clinician who has been taping for about 7 years, I can not only teach you what to do, but what Not to do!

The clinic is being held at the beautiful Tallowood Park Equestrian Centre on the Sunshine Coast in SE QLD. They offer their facilities for hire not just for clinics like this one, but also offer indoor arena hire and on site accommodation.

You can find everything you need to know about Tallowood Park Equestrian Centre Here

You can find the relevant info about the taping clinic Here

And a link to the practitioners pages (Robyn Larson-Shelton) Here for horses and Here for other pets (particularly dogs).

This clinic is designed for body workers, but can also be attended by farriers and other equestrian professionals, along with any person with a strong knowledge base in anatomy and movement, if you are unsure if you can attend use the above links to contact Robyn as she encourages attendance for any person that has the requisite knowledge, and will facilitate this where possible.

I look forward to seeing some of you there,

As always, Happy horsing!

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